Manuela Marquez


Manuela Márquez, graphic designer, independent, multidisciplinary with over 16 years of professional career. I have developed projects for companies of different fields as well as public administration. I have collaborated with different studies of design and publicity agencies, also as responsible for image and communication of a small group of companies.


To provide with creative solutions and design in visual communication to satisfy specific needs of elements which can be unique, using the most appropriate means to each one of them.


By receiving every project with a good deal of enthusiasm, intensity and energy. By dealing with them with principles, faithfulness and commitment. By developing them with creativity, professionalism and contributing my experience as a conductor. wire to these projects. By adapting myself to the means of every project, giving the means of every project, giving solution to the complexity and budget of every one of them. Collaborating with professionals of different disciplines, we manage to obtain ideal results in global solutions of communication. These concepts along with a supportive and responsible design are part of my philosophy.


Change with the times is, sometimes, necessary.